Delta Asia was established when most industries shifted to overseas. Based on our business philosophy and culture, we could still keep sustainable improvement and development along with being tested and challenged over the years.

In Delta Asia, employees are the most valuable part, they are the partners who build up the company together. Even injection molding is one of the traditional industries in Taiwan, we believe we can still break through and reach our goal as long as all the partners have the same determination and fortitude.

For customers, we ask ourselves to be rigorous on taking care of every project, be deliberate and detailed to complete each customer’s consignment on time. We did commit what we’re capable of and make it.

Success Does Not Mean Creating Wealth.

In Delta Asia, success is that every member feels happy to be part of the team, feel satisfied and reach his / her achievement in Delta Asia, further, taking the product quality at the same level as a personal vocation. Then, Delta Asia could create customer satisfaction and devote ourselves to society with sustainable efforts.