Brave & Goal

Delta Asia has been dedicated to professional mold making and injection molding since 2004. However, in 2008, the founder was inspired in an experience of taking family for care in hospital and considered that quality of medical device are the most priority rather than blindly talking about costs, and then decide enter into the medical device field; Now, Delta Asia focuses on manufacturing of medical device parts and final product. Medical device manufacturing must follow the procedures to complete every development process, and the development process is usually time consuming and costly. Even so, as long as we set a goal and move forward with all our strength, it is convinced that Taiwan's medical device industries can create their own way as long as they keep the heart moving.


Professional & Total Solution Partner

As long as the method is right, you can achieve it with your heart; based on intensively involving in the medical device manufacturing industry, Delta Asia creates a complete manufacturing service process, providing a vertically integrated full-service, starting from understanding customer’s needs, and providing feedback to customers, conduct multi-domain professional analysis, mass production evaluation, comparison of advantages and disadvantages, design change adjustment, etc., and then go to mold manufacturing, assembly and testing. After the finished product is confirmed, then enter into mass production or final product assembly. We control quality and time schedule, creating the absolute advantage of high efficiency, rapid design, and high-end quality. Based on our cooperative experience in leading knowledge of medical processing and manufacturing, Delta Asia can provide front-end, professional manufacturing service as partnership with each customer.

Capability & Quality

After the transformation to medical device field, Delta Asia invested in new equipment and expanded facilities. The entire injection machines are equipped with an automatic feeding system to ensure the site is clean and tidy, and the robotic arm is set up for automatic pick-up; wire cutting equipment, CNC processing equipment and electrical discharge machining equipment are self-constructed to improve mold quality and time control; 10,000 Class clean room with temperature and humidity monitored is controlled in production and assembly environment to ensure product safety during assembly process; Delta Asia quality system owns ISO 13485 and Taiwan GMP certification and meets FDA 21 CFR 820 QSR, that never stop to pursue the quality improvement.

Heart & Deep

People-oriented, steady flow; the manufacture of medical device relies on the capability and management. Delta Asia chooses to keep talents and technology in this land, and cultivates humanity, self- improvement and requirements, and believes that quality can be achieved with heart. DA cooperates with major well-known companies to establish long-term and stable partnerships; it is expected to evolve and create extraordinary achievements together now and in the future.