Tooling Capabilities

  • Professional Tooling Design Team
  • Design and Manufacture of Prototype and Production Tool
  • Providing Customized Tooling Design and Solution
  • Design for Small Volume and High Volume Production

To satisfy various clients’ request, our professional team constantly integrate innovation, technology and also be a partner with customers for helping the developments, our highly skilled mold makers and engineers are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship and service is realized in the field of medical device and related industry.

Delta Asia expertise knowledge could offer all kinds of customized tooling. We are dedicated to low-volume to mass production tools with a stable solution, our client will get products of excellent quality and competitive price.

What We Can Do

  • Fast Prototype Tool within 3 weeks for a thousand times life cycle.
  • Production Tool within 5 weeks for over 1 million times life cycle.
  • Automatic Unscrewing Tool and Customized Tool
  • Insert Molding Tool.
  • Over Molding Tool.
  • Double Shots Tool
  • Family Tool

What We Offer

  • DFM
  • Mold design
  • Mold Flow analysis
  • Support – we assist you in anywhere anytime
  • Innovation – Constantly expanding and improving the capabilities to meet your request.
  • Creativity – Continues to serve you what possible that plastic can do, even with diverse materials.
  • Startups – We provide startup support in various areas, such as:
    • Device Design & (Rapid) Prototyping
    • Material Selection
    • Engineering Support
    • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)