DOE Study
  • Pressure Loss Study
  • Short Shot Study
  • Pressure and Speed Relative Viscosity Study
  • Gate Seal Study
High Precision Over-molding
High Precision Insert-Molding
High-Temperature Molding – PEEK, Ultem, Radel
Cleanroom Molding Capabilities
Robotics implementation for precision and efficiency
Material Versatility:
  • Bio-Absorbable Polymers
  • Implantable Grade Polyurethanes (PUR)
  • Engineering Grade Thermoplastics (ABS, PC, etc.)
  • Customer Supplied Resins
  • Custom Colors
Equipment Versatility:
  • Range from 50 to 250 tons
  • 2 vertical and 18 horizontal type injection molding machines

Delta Asia has built a reputation for being a leader in producing high quality and complex plastic parts for many medical devices around the globe. Our expert Molding engineers partner with our customers to find the most efficient path to get parts into production to minimize both cost and time.

Based on Scientific Molding principles, Delta Asia has developed several areas of specialization including insert- molding, over-molding and processing of many different types of plastics that require specific handling such as optical polymers, high-temperature polymers, bioabsorbable polymers, implantable grade polyurethanes and many different types of engineering grades of thermoplastics.

Our molding department equipment consists of 20 state-of-the-art injection molding machines that range from 50 tons to 250 tons, Under the well-controlled production process, our machines are capable of producing small-volume parts for startups and high volume parts for mass production, and in a wide variety of sizes.